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How to look hot in glasses?

I have to wear glasses all the time but I think they make me look quite dull. How can I look hot in glasses?
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  • Nicholas


    Choosing proper eyeglasses frames will bring you pretty look not dull. The following tips may help you pick up a pair of suitable eyeglasses. First, pick up eyeglasses frames that fit your face properly. Just try on some glasses frames and choose the best suitable one. Second, proper makeup. Makeup your eyes with eyeliners or eyelashes so as to outstanding your eyes under your glasses lenses. Third. Keep your eyeglasses lenses always clean and bright. Fourth, choose proper colored glasses frames that match your skin tone and hair color. If you have no idea which color fit you, you can try black eyeglasses frames that can match almost everything
  • Jade


    Choosing a right pair of eyeglasses that suit you properly won't make you look dull. A right pair of eyeglasses will add a sense of fashion item to your appearance. Glasses that suit you fine are usually determined by your face shape, skin tone, eye color and hair style. Whenever you go to get glasses, you should try them on to find one that suit you best. You can also apply some eye makeup together with eyeglasses. Make sure the eye makeup can go well with the glasses.

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