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Ryan evelyn


Why do i have a film on my eyes?

I don' t understand why I have a film on my eyes. Do you guys know why?
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  • cattatra


    It is really abnormal. You'd better go to an optometrist now. As far as i know, if your eyes have many protein deposit, it may causes it. If so, clean your eyes with eye drops that you can get clear vision. Besides, some eye diseases such as glaucoma, a cataract, an eye injury or other damages to eyes can also cause film on my eyes. If so, you shall take immediately treatment. Or it is possible to cause blind.
  • christraper


    Well, do you have cataracts? Have you ever had an eye exam about this? It is known to all that cataracts can usually cause a film on people' s eyes. If not, I guess it may be caused a chronic eye infection. And which is often caused by a lack of vitamins. In response to this, you should have more fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily life so that your situation will get better and better. However, if you really can' t stand this any more, you might as well try artificial tears and avoid making up recently, okay?