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Why do my contacts keep sliding ?

I don't know why my contact lenses keep sliding. What causes it? Is there any good way that can help me keep the contact lenses in my eyes?
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  • Riley gary


    Contact lenses keep sliding can be caused by incorrect way of wearing contact lenses or you can not adjust your new contact lenses. It will be solved after you adjust your new contact lenses. And some cases of wearing contact lenses during sleep also can cause it to slide, and stop wearing it over night and have a good habit of using contact lenses can help you a lot.
  • Danielle may


    The sliding symptom of your contact lenses may be related with your blinking condition. You should use the finger to make the eyes open enough to put in the contact lenses. After they get into the surface of the eyeballs, you could then blink to adjust the position. You should not wear the contact lenses for more than eight hours a day which will harm your eyes. You should wash the contact lenses with solution every time you use it.
  • Hunter jackson


    The lenses keep ripping can be resulted from many reasons. Sometimes, eye dryness can make the lenses more prone to rip. So, another daily lens with more of a moistener are recommoned , which will help immensely. Using lubricated drops before wearing them is also great for you. What is more, your finger nails will grow too long to rip them. It is found that the contacts will keep sliding if your finger have a tiny amount of perfume residue. It is worth mentioning that washing your hands thoroughly with soap before your wear your lenses. Furthermore, rub your eyes several times to see if anything comes out. Some of them are not irritable so that you can not definitely feel it. Well, practice makes perfect. Have a good day.

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