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Randa Fritch


How do clip on sunglasses work ?

Is there anyone who has experience of wearing clip on sunglasses? I heard that clip on sunglasses are very comfortable to wear especially in the summer. Really? How do clip on sunglasses work?
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  • Julio G.


    I once had clip on sunglasses myself. I's just like wearing a pair of sunglasses without earpieces on top of your prescription eyeglasses. When you go outside, take down the sunglasses clip which can shield the ultraviolet and protect your eyes from glares. The sunglasses lenses are attached to prescription lenses so that there is no need to buy an extra pair of sunglasses.
  • Ghassan S.


    Well, yes, clip on sunglasses can be very good. And generally speaking, clip on sunglasses have been recognized a unique way to express one's fashion. And actually, they are the most effective and efficient in expressing one's fashion ideas. Besides the fashion look, clip-on sunglasses are very effective at protecting your eyes because the lenses are polarized to absorb any harmful lights. So we can say that clip on sunglasses make it very convenient to change your sunglasses into eyeglasses and the other way around is the same. What is more, the sunshade is magnetic and can be folded so that convenience is highly guaranteed. No matter when you want to use it or store it up, you can do it in a very quick way. So just have a try.
  • walker67


    Ok, It sounds like you are very interested in different types of sunglasses. And as a matter of fact clip on sunglasses is a great option for you, because it would have less impact on your nose, making them free feel any time. And they could avoid sweat getting onto your glasses. In a word, its advantages outnumbers its disadvantages. Just go and get a pair of them at Walmart vision center or somewhere else.