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Kyle kirk


Can droopy eyelids cause vision problems ?

I have droopy eyelids. Is it possible causes vision problem? How can droopy eyelids affect me except the appearance?
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  • Elijah leslie


    Droopy eyelids, also know as ptosis, can not affect your vision, but can make you looks tired and sleepy. While, some serious droopy eyelids makes it more difficult to open eye fully, then causes interfere you vision space. And it can be caused by aging, injury, surgery, tumor and so on. See a doctor if you have droopy eyelids.
  • Shelby


    Yes, they can. Droop eyelids can cause many problems including vision damage, if they are left untreated. Except the appearance, droop eyelids may cause double vision, misaligned eyes, eye strain, difficulty in closing or opening the eyes or headache from striving to lift the eyelids or tilting the neck to see things.
  • Marissa


    People may not know ptosis or blepharoptosis. However, lazy eye is better known by people. Droopy eyelids, also called lazy eye, which is really bad for appearance and vision. Droopy eyelids can easily affect one or both eyes. It will cover the pupil, iris and other parts of the eye. Thus, droopy eyelids can lead to amblyopia or astigmatism.

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