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What is the difference between eye infection and eye irritation?

What does eye irritation mean? Is there any difference from eye infection? Can you tell me?
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  • DEREK Garrana


    The eye irritation means that there is something irritating that stimulates your eyes surrounding skin or eyes part. However it could be released with the time or some releasing material. However the eye infection may be caused by the coming bacterium which will cause the disorder of the eyes. You'd better use some medical treatment to cure it to avoid the further eye problems.


    Irritation, means a reaction of your body go against the irritants. Its intrinsic quality is the pathological process of defense. It is the reaction of the injury to the irritant which lead to the inflammation. Its basic change is the deterioration, exudation and hyperplasia of partial tissues. From the clinic aspects, the irritating partial place will appear swollen, burning, pain as well as different level's general reaction, such as leukocytosis, specific antibody etc. As for the conception of infection, there has two kinds, from the medical one; it means partial or general inflammatory response of causative agents such as virus, bacterial, fungus or parasites. The other one is about mental field, which is not referred to herein. From the above narration, we would see the infection is the reason or cause while the irritation is the performance of the infection. They are the two aspects of one thing.