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Can stress cause iritis?

Is it true that stress can cause iritis? Why or why not?
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  • Ariana oliver


    Well, as you can see, iritis is one of the most common eye infections we might suffer in our life. And actually it could be resulted from a wide variety of reasons, such as bacteria, other eye infections, and maybe iritis injury as well as contagion. However, generally speaking, stress could not cause iritis despite stress indeed could affect your vision and cure process. If anything strange happens, try to take an eye exam.
  • Cameron


    Generally speaking, stress can lead to iritis. You should know that when you have suffered much stress, it can just affect your eyes, leading to iritis. And when you get iritis, there are some symptoms which you may suffer from. For example, pain in the eye may occur. Other symptoms, such as worsened eye pain when exposed to bright light, red eyes, blurred vision may occur too. anyway, you should have a relaxing life.
  • walkingwolf2004


    Yes, it is true that the stress may cause your iritis because the stress may cause your great disorder in body work. Your eyes may be affected too. Your eyes will get the bacterium easily and cause the iritis. Iris inflammation is one kind of the eye diseases. The iris inflammation of tiny white cells and intraocular small blood vessels leak out too much protein, floating in the iris. Between the cornea in aqueous humor outflow, they will attack the back of the cornea if floating cell is too much. The iris inflammation early symptoms are red eyes, discomfort or pain feelings. One main symptom is eyesight drops slightly if you go to look in the mirror. You'd better treat it as soon as posisble. You should keep the good mood and have the healthy diet to make the treatment of the iritis go on fluently.

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