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What do glassy eyes look like?

Have you seen glassy eyes. Can you tell me what a glassy eyes look like? Any ideas?
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  • Linda


    Well, looks like you don't know what a pair of glassy eyes look like. So, from what I can see, a pair of glassy eyes look like lifeless things, there is just no lights from the eyes and your facial expression is dull and no spirit. Anyway,glassy eyes could be a sign of health hazard, which should be taken care of. If you get glassy eyes. Try to see if there is something wrong with your nerves.
  • Jen.C


    Well, generally speaking, for the look, when a person's eyes appear shiny or have a glassy appearance, we can say that he/she may be suffering from glassy eyes. In other words, you should know that when someone have glassy eyes, his eyes will have a feeling of listlessness, and the eyes are unfocused, and without any luster. And glassy eyes can also be related with dry eyes. So you should pay more attention to it. Besides, the habit of not blinking the eyes too often can lead to it. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Tyler charles


    If a person gets the glassy eyes, his eyes may appear shiny or have a glassy appearance. It seems that the person's eyes will show a feeling of listlessness. He has no unfocused point. In a word, his eyes are without any luster. He could eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. He could also get the good rest for the eyes.