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Alexander david


Is there any food I should avoid after lasik surgery?

I just had lasik surgery two days ago and i wonder if there is any food I should avoid after lasik surgery
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  • Logan


    To help you recover quickly after lasik surgery, you shall make correctly balanced diet. And there are some food you need to avoid for the sake of your eye health. They are sugar, refined flour, trans-fats, fried food and coffee and cigarettes. I thought your surgeon will told you that those taboos. Hop this will help you.
  • Christina nelson


    For one day to ten days or so after lasik surgery, the cornea is under the state of slightly bloated. To avoid the strong reaction from eyes, we should try to eat something containing less spicy and sour, we had better not eat hot pepper,chilli,ginger,onion, pepper and hot-pot. Eat less candy,desert, full-cream cheese. As for the sea food, even if you love it,tar to eat less,like hairtail, cyprinoid, eel, boold clam, shrimp, and sea slug.