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Can teething cause swollen eyes ?

What's the relationship between eyes and teeth? I got swollen eyes after teething. Can teething cause swollen eyes ?
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  • Jack taylor


    The eye and teeth nerves are interlinked. When you have the teething problems, you may have other eyes problems. Thus, the teething can cause your swollen eyes. You could use some medicine with anti-inflammation to release the symptom. In addition, you could take care of the diet and have the good rest which will make your problems reduce to some degree.
  • Jordan owen


    Well, yes, teething can lead to swollen eyes. According to some experts, you should know that teething can lead to disorders in your eyes, and then it can cause eye infection in your eyes. At that moment, your eyes will be red and itchy. Sometimes, swollen eyes may occur too. so when teething occur, you should pay more attention to your eyes, and also, to treat your swollen eyes, you can just apply warm compress on your eyes, and then it can be effective By the way, it can lead to watery eyes too.
  • erickie6


    I asked the similar question to doctor, but he said there was no exact connection between swollen eyes and teething. Teething can be uncomfortable. Some mothers complained that their babies got swollen eyes, purple bags under eyes when they were going through the teething period. The gum of baby might become swollen, which makes them feel pain and grizzly. These uncomfortable feel might make them bad feeding and sleeping. The bad sleeping could cause the puffy eyes indeed. The swollen gum might get infected or inflamed, which might be blamed for the swollen eyes too. As to your situation, did you get good sleep before you got puffy eyes? Or is there any problem you get allergy? Normally the puffiness can go off within a few days, if you get good sleep or the infection, inflammation or allergy cured. Yet if it is a long-term symptom, you should visit your doctor.

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