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Jackson raphael


How long after laser eye surgery can you go swimming ?

I just took a laser eye surgery three days ago. Can i go to swim now? Or how long should i wait for swimming?
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  • eomer_byrom


    No, you can't swim now because the invisible bacterium in the swimming pool may let your eyes get infection. Even if you say that you will wear the goggles when you swim, the eye pressure under the water may rise suddenly which will affect your recovery of the eyes from the laser eye surgery. You'd better wait three months of the complete recovery.
  • cauliflowerbat


    Well, generally speaking, it will be harmful to have swimming, after the surgery. And you can have swimming in the first several weeks after the surgery. Or it can just damage your eyes. You should know that after the eye surgery, your eyes can be sensitive and very fragile. When you have swimming in the water, there will have many viruses getting into your eyes. And it can lead to eye infection. and in that situation, it can just make your situation become worse, and also slow down the recovery process. Anyway, it can be dangerous. so just avoid swimming. also you should take care of your eyes, when you have shower. or it can also lead to eye infection too. by the way, you should not watch too much tv or computer. Just follow the things the doctor has told you.
  • Mackenzie rose


    You can't go to swim now. It can be very dangerous to your eyes. You can't go to swimming in the pool for at least 14 days after this surgery. It is very easy to understand this. First of all, many people swim together in the same pool. We don't know exactly how much bacteria they could bring to this pool. And when we are swimming, we can't prevent water getting into our eyes. That is why it is so easy for people to get conjunctivitis after swimming in the pool. No to mention you just had a surgery of eyes, the wound is not healed. The opening wound could make it much easier and more serious to be infected. Once you get infected or inflamed, you probably need extra care or even surgery to fix it. Secondly, to control the bacteria in swimming pool, normally people will add disinfectant into water. It is a kind of chemical which could be very irritating to the eyes, especially with an opening wound. You see, it is really better not to go to swim right now. Usually it should be better to swim 14 days after the laser surgery.