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Should I get Goggles or Contacts for Basketball?

I got my contacts today and they make me feel so uncomfortable. I heard that they can easily fall out when playing basketball. But the goggles are too ugly. I want opinion from those who have played basketball.
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  • wesley


    Since your contacts make you feel uncomfortable, you'd better not wear them while playing basketball. However, the contact lenses won't fall out as long as you get your contacts with the right size. I think prescription sports glasses are suitable for basketball sport. They are impact resistant and have a good grip behind the ears, so they won't fall down. There are many nice types for you to choose. You can go to the real optical stores or order them online.
  • Ronda


    It is really hard to choose as neither of them is a good choice for you. For me, I would choose contacts cuz the big goggles on my face would always stop me from moving freely and I can't see clearly through edge of the lens.

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