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Angela tuener


Does eye pressure increase with age?

What will cause the increase of eye pressure? Does aging increase the eye pressure? How can i prevent it?
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  • Cary


    So, your assumption that eye pressure would increase with age is not necessarily right because as you can see high eye pressure could be resulted from a lot of reasons, such as glaucoma. However, with age, we indeed are more likely to get high eye pressure. If you want to keep it at a nice level, you should pay more attention to your eyes, quit some bad living habits, and have a healthy diet and get more exercises.
  • easilymused


    Yes, the aging will cause the increase of the eye pressure to some degree because of the physiology. Intraocular pressure is the pressure inside the eye, referred to as the intraocular pressure. It is the eye to eye on the contents of surface of the eyeballs' balanced pressure. Normal intraocular pressure is stable in a certain range. In order to maintain the normal form of eyeball, you could guarantee the refractive interstitial pressure which plays the best optical performance. Normal intraocular pressure range is 1.47 ~ 2.79 kPa. However, there are many other problems for you to get the increasing of the eye pressure, such as the eyes diseases, eyes infection, drinking water at a rush pace at large amount and so on. If you want to prevent it, you'd better eat the light food. You could also have the good mood which will keep your eye pressure stable.

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