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What are latest fashion glasses for teenagers?

It seems more and more teenagers tend to wear eyeglasses for fashion even if they have perfect vision. So, what are the latest fashion glasses for teenagers?
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  • evelyn


    If they just wear glasses for a better look, there are many types of fashion glasses frames now. Many of them are framed glasses without lenses. For example, frames with cartoon character and big and round will make young people lovely. And there are many colors now, such as black, yellow, white and red. As for the prescription glasses, black are also the most classic color in so many years. And board is the material in fashion now and the next years. round eyeglasses like Harry Porter's are also popular now.
  • Jose


    In fact, the various latest fashion glasses for teenagers have been coming to us continuously. However, different persons have various ideas about the fashion glasses. Now, the more popular and fashionable glasses are listed as followed: the oversized glasses, the geek chic glasses, the various prescription sports glasses and so on. As long as wearers have figured out their favorite fashion style, it is not hard to get the latest fashion glasses for teenagers.