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Shelby rodney


Will I get my eyes screwed up by reading in the dim light?

I often read a lot in the night ,usually the light is not very good. Will this get my eyes screwed up?
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  • emptyheading


    Long time reading under the dim light will definitely cause eye strains. Eye strain is one of the reason that casue vision problem. Reading in the proper distance and in the place with enough light can prevent you from bad vision.
  • ccrazybeautyful


    Reading in dim light won't damage your eyesight. In the past, people often did reading in dim light which was produce by candlelight or kerosene lamps. However, good lighting does make you see better while reading.
  • Matthew harris


    Although your eyesight won't be screwed up by the dim lighting, your eyes will be tired out more quickly if you do reading in the dim light.

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