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Can stress cause eyelashes to fall out?

Is it possible to lead to eyelashes fallen out because of stress? Why or why not?
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  • Dylan duncan


    Eyelashes are just similar of our hair. They will fall out when we are under heavy pressure. Or, you may suffer from vitamin deficiency. Even though you have injected adequate vitamin, you can still have vitamin deficiency because pressure may make your body can't absorb those vitamins. Anyway, you need to relax, then have nice meals without pressure every day. Forget about the pressure when you sleep at least.
  • Sharon Field


    Yes, it is possible to lead to eyelashes fallen out because of stress, it is a behavior that pull out eyelashes due to excess tension or stress. Actually it is a kind of psychological disorder, which is called trichotillomania when an individual twists, rubs or pulls out hair. If you suffer from this psychiatric condition, you will tend to pluck your eyelashes when you are stressed out or anxious, so just go to visit your psychiatrist and have the remedy. Good luck!
  • Otis Crockett


    That's true. Fatigue and stress lead to the oxygoen and blood much less than normal in eyes. When these substances can satisfy the needs of our eyes, something difficulties will happen. The first and prominent phenomenon is eyelashes loss. The growth of eyelashes requires much nutrition and minerals. Stress can slow down the processing so that the eyes cannot work normally. And then eyelashes will fall out gradually.