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Why My latest pair of glasses seem to be sharp in one eye and blurry in the other?

I am 61 years old and have had astigmatism all my life. I've had the lenses changed but I feel he may have just changed the dominant eye and left the weak eye alone to be dismissed by my brain. I don't feel I am being served correctly. Is this possible? 
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  • betty


    If you had astigmatism all your life and had good eyeglasses before this last one, then is not normal to have a pair of glasses that you cannot see should go back to the optical shop first and check the diopters and your prescription to see is everything is right. Then, if all is good there but still blurry, you should go to the eye-doctor and check your eyes.
  • Werner


    Something is wrong with your glasses. Maybe they had written down your diopters the wrong way when they ordered the lenses or maybe they had mounted them the in a wrong way in the frame. This can happen because of the many characteristics to take in consideration when ordering and mounting the lens (spherical diopter, cylindrical diopter, axis, interpupillary distance ). If any of them is wrong, you will see blurry.