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John clark


What can I do to get used to My new varifocal lenses faster?When I pass the dizziness?

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  • Lauren


    Varifocal lenses accommodation is something that lasts longer and is more difficult sometimes. In your case, you have not given many details, but if you wear until now progressive lenses. It means that something has changed in the New pair. the diopters are greater. Or they have introduced a new cylinder diopter that has not existed until now. These things can cause dizziness and discomfort.
  • Kathleen


    Maybe it is due to the diopters are the same and something went wrong when installing the new lenses,pupillary distance pupillary distance or other fitting errors that result in a wrong pair of glasses that bother you.If not, you can always go back to the optical store to check the glasses and your eyes again. 
  • Kaylee


    If you don’t normally wear glasses for distance viewing, the most important thing you can do to become comfortable wearing your lenses, is to take a week and wear your glasses full time.Even where you may not have the need to wear them, leaving them on will allow you to adapt much quicker. The next adjustment to make is looking through the correct part of the lens for your reading distance.