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What are effects of high blood sugar on eyes?

I heard that high blood sugar is not good for eyes. Can you tell me what are the effects of high blood sugar on eyes?
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  • Miranda hall


    High blood sugar, means the amount of sugar components in the blood is much higher than common people. High blood sugar can infect our health in different ways, one of most obvious part is it can cause vision problems, such as cause the lens of the eye to swell, blurred vision. And when the blood sugar go too high, may actually cause permanent damage to the eye.
  • alva


    Blurry vision is an obvious symptom of high blood sugar on eye. People with undiagnosed diabetes may also experience fatigue and tiredness. And your vision may become blurred for a few days or weeks due to the swelling of the lens of the eye. And high blood sugar can develop a special type of cataract to worsen vision.