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Does watching TV or using computer too much contribute to myopia?

I love watching TV and I also work in front of my computer everyday, recently I found my vision get blurry and I can't see objects at far distance clearly. Does my symptoms result from watching TV or using compter tooo much?
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  • 04/17/2012

    Definitely it will. If you use computer too much, the lenses of eyes are kept in strained condition for a long time and then they will lose the flexibility. Thus they are adjusted to see close things only, which cause the myopia . So you should avoid too much close work for a long time.
  • Andrea


    Yes, it does. I got myopia since I play too much computer games in school and there is no way to remedy.
  • b3st_deceptions


    Surely,there is also growing evidence that nearsightedness may be caused by the stress of too much close vision work. It normally first occurs in school age children.