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Does anyone know what vitamin deficiency can cause night blindness ?

I heard that some vitamin deficiency can cause night blindness. IS it true? what vitamin deficiency can cause night blindness ?
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  • Carlos quick


    A deficiency of vitamin A can cause night blindness, and decrease the ability to see at night. Vitamin A is an essential nutrition for maintaining proper vision, otherwise, your body could not make rhodopsin to affect your eyesight, especially night eyesight. At the same time, without sufficient vitamin A, it leads to extreme dryness to damage the cornea that is called xerophthalmia. If this condition become worse, it could lead to blindness. Hence, you should intake vitamin A directly , or put more vitamin A source into your diet, like carrots, cereals, cheeses, eggs.
  • Allen


    Yes, deficiency of vitamin A can cause night blindness. Night blindness, just as its name implies, means one cannot see things clearly in the darkness. In the retina of eye ground exist pyramidal cells and tenuous rod cells, in which the light perception substance, namely rhodopsin exists. When entering in a dark place, the rhodopsin disappears and eyes are not sensitive to the light, so you cannot see things clearly. In normal condition, there is enough vitamin A in the human body, which promotes rhodopsin to regenerate under the function of retina and hepatic enzyme, hence recovering the sensitiveness to the light, making people see things in the darkness. But if the body lacks vitamin A, the rhodopsin is no longer regenerated, causing that people cannot see things clearly in the dark place, namely night blindness.
  • exxxtazzzy


    The deficiency of vitamin A will cause the night blindness. However, there is the way to prevent the night blindness. You could just through eating more food with vitamin A, such as eggs, animal liver. You should take care of the scientific arrangement of nutrition, especially for babies and development period of teenagers. You should advocate food variety. In addition to the staple food outside including fish, meat, eggs, beans and dairy products, you should eat animal internal organs, such as fresh vegetables. Just eating the nutritious food will make you cure the night blindness. If you have the night blindness, you’d better have the good rest for the eyes at night.

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