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Why do my eyes shake when i'm tired?

My left eye will occasionally shake for a few seconds when I'm tired. Why? Is it ok?
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  • Fari Tackaberry


    When you use your eyes in too much stress which may cause the tiredness, your eye nerves will be intense. That is the main reason for the eyes to get the shake symptom. You'd better have a good rest for the eyes. Thus, your symptom will be released. And the eyes will not shake.
  • Samuel hill


    According to your description, there must be something wrong with your health condition. So, I used to have the same symptom and I was quite confused. However, soon I realized that I had just worked much too hard. Basically, physical fatigue and mental stress could give rise to eye shakes. So, you should keep an eye out for your health. If things don't improve, just consult a doctor.
  • William clive


    The eyelid will take charge for the movement of eyes close. The muscle around your eyes will match the eyelid to complete this kind of work. The occasionally shake of eyes, basically it will be the abnormal exciting of your controlling eyes muscle of nerves. The muscle unconsciously contracts to lead the skin of your eyes. This symptom usually happen under the circumstance of overload fatigue, long time eyes use, or sleep lacking. Strong rays and some medicine, foreign body on your eyes or even smoking and drinking will also lead to its happen. If you want to recovery to the normal, you can only to relax your eyes for some minutes, hot towel applyiing will also helpful. If the above method are not work, it may be the spasm phenomenon of your face, you need go to doctor for help.
  • David garcia


    Eyes shake can also be understand as eye twitch. It is a phenomenon that the eyelid spasms frequently. Mostly, such eye shake can come and go itself. And some people may suffers for several months. And a lack of sleep, eye strain and eye tiered can trigger eyelid shaking. So, it is not big problems. Just get a good rest, you will recover from the eye shake. Best wishes.

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