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Zachary eddy


Is eye twitching contagious?

I'm just curious whether eye twitching is contagious or not? How can i do to stop my eyes from twitching?
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  • Paige williams


    If your eyes start twitching, there must be some problems for them. For example, the daytime coming dust or sand may get your eyes get infection. Your eyes may get inflammation. You'd better go to see the doctor and use the eye drops to release the symptom. And the eye twitching is not contagious because it is not pink eyes.
  • Savannah


    No, eye twitching is the common phenomenon of eyelid. They are usually harmless. It is usually caused by the fatigue, lack of sleep, intake too much of coffee or unbalance of nutrition. So, don't worry, eye twitching won't cause any contagious. If you suffers eye twitching, just take a good rest, it will help you.
  • Benji


    Well, generally speaking, it is very normal to have itchy eyes. And twitching of the eyelid is a common phenomenon and usually harmless. And also it is not contagious. So you should not worry about it. According to some experts, it is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction. For the causes, it is hard to say. But it sometimes develops during times of increased stress, or associated with fatigue. Also, in my opinion, if you have been infected by some allergy. It can also lead to it. So you can take some measures to heal it. For example, you can put some cool ice on your eyes, so that it can relieve the symptom. Also, having a good and relaxing rest will be effective too.
  • Steve Zarren


    Eye twitching is not contagious. It can be extremely annoying and, if it turns out to be blepharospasm, can be serious. I suffererd for two years without knowing what was going on until I was diagnosed and later found a wonderful solution. For more information, go to

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