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Vanessa edward


How soon can i use computer after lasik surgery?

If I take lasik surgery, when is it ok to use computer. Any experience?
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  • Elijah walker


    If you just take lask surgey, you shall lie down, close your eyes and have a good rest. And do not watch television, reading or using computer at least the first 24 hours. If you feel any pain and discomfort, you can ask your eye doctor to prescribe you some medications to help you. Besides, you are suggested not to make eye up at least for one week. Hope this can help you.
  • Robert Johnson


    Well, generally speaking, you should wait for 1 week before you can use computer. In other words, you should not watch computer in the first week. As we know that the first week is the most essential week which can affect the vision recovery of your eyes. So just be patient. And also, you should know that it is can be dangerous if you use your eyes which have been made surgery, it can hurt them, for your eyes are sensitive and fragile. And when you use computer, you have to focus your eyes on the point for a long time. Then it can lead to eye strains. In some serious cases, it can cause dry eyes, or pink eyes. Anyway, you are not supposed to do that. Besides, you should not do exercises like jumping, running which can lead to serious result. Just be careful about your eyes. Having a good rest is effective for your eyes. Also, you should be careful about your life habits, so that you will not hurt your eyes
  • crusanov


    After the lasik surgery, your eyes will get basic recovery after a week. However, you'd better use the computer which bright screen will stimulate your eyeballs. You could use the computer after a month of the lasik surgery. However, you should better control the time of using which will protect your vision.
  • Chelsey


    After taking lasik surgery, you'd better not use computer within one month, otherwise, your eyes may ache with the obvious symptom. A month later, you can consider using computer within a limited time, it cannot be long. But if you insist on using computer as soon as you take lasik surgery, then you need to blink frequently and eyedrops will do you a favor.

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