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Jada shelley


How to make your eyes look kawaii?

I want to make my eyes look kawaii like some Asian girls. Any suggestion?
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  • Steve


    Well, it seems that you really admire the eyes that Asian girls have, despite they admire yours. So, in my mind, Asian girls' eyes are mysterious, black pupils and charming eyelash. So, if you really want to look like them, there are some things you could do. Try to get some black contact lenses, they could be found at Walmart. Then, make your eyes up,like Avril. After that, you are just as Asian as those girls.
  • Carlos rodney


    If you want to make the eyes look kawaii like some Asian girls, you could choose to wear the colored contact lenses which could help you achieve this. You could go to the online store to choose one type. You could base on your expired color to choose the suitable type.
  • Alexia charles


    Here are some tips: 1.You can wear black cosmetic contact lenses. Many asian girls wear black cosmetic lenses to make the eyes big and kawaii. 2.Line your eyes with black eyeliner. Add on around the whole eyes. Asian girls use black eyeliner to make their eyes charm. 3.Eyelash is important too. Put on black mascara. 4. No need to put on eye shadow cause many asian girls dont wear either. It is done and perfect already. Anyway, you can wear eye shadow if you like.