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Can I mix up the contact lenses for left and right eyes?

If I have the same prescription in both eyes,do I need to specify the right and left eyes?Can I wear them in either eye?
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  • Katelyn smith


    If you don't have other eye diseases in either eyes, or you always ues your eyes in the proper way, it is OK to mix up contact lenses for left and right eyes, otherwise, mixed up contact lenses will cause cross infection of eye diseases or other eye infections.
  • chrisera21


    Though you have same prescription in both eyes, the left eye may have different shape from the right eye. So you mustn't mix up the both lenses for right and left.
  • Connor nelson


    Why not, I have same prescription for my left and right eye, I am a lazy boy I admit, I usually mix up them, I can see clearly with both contacts.