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Arianna griffin


Do girls like guys with big or small eyes?

Ask your ideas. Which type of girl you like, girls with big eyes or girls with small eyes?
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Answers (3)

  • b0rkb0rkb0rk


    Usually the girls will like the boys with big eyes which will make them look more charming. However, still a lot of girls like the boys with small eyes which will look cute. However, different people have different favors and hobby. For me, I like the boy with big eyes which will attract me most.
  • chris_nubelle


    Well, as a matter of fact, your question is only a matter of personal likes and dislikes you know? As to the question, the answers may be various from person to person, for example, I like guys with small eyes. However, for the majority of the girl concerned, big eyed guys seem to be more popular because they appear to be more charming. It totally depends on your personal taste. Hope you find what you want.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    I like both, big eyes and small eyes. We look at the whole face, not just the eyes of the people. If you have small eyes but fit for your face, you are pretty with small eyes. If you have a big face, I think big eyes are more suitable for your face. If you have a big face, small eyes are not fit for you. If you have a small face, small eyes will fit you. If you have a small face, big eyes are not suitable. It depends on different people.