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Sigmund Mazur


new carbon fiber sunglasses want non prescription leses taken out and replaced with pres. colored sunglass lenses , cost not a problem.

I was told that these special frames cannot be retro fitted with special order colored, mirrored lenses. True or false?
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  • Dulcied Torrey


    Carbon fiber products appear to get all the consideration nowadays. In spite of the fact that carbon fiber is for the most part being connected in auto adornments, we have seen its utilization in a wide range of products. Carbon fiber is being utilized all the more frequently nowadays in the formation of lavish and architect devices. It is ending up being the one of a kind offering suggestion. Things being what they are, the reason would it be distinctive with eyeglasses? Despite the fact that it is an extremely prevalent and perfect material, if you somehow managed to buy a couple of carbon fiber glasses, you would most likely be the just a single you know with them %u2013 that is quite cool. Refer website to get detailed paper on this topic.