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How long after laser eye surgery can you see clearly?

I was suggested to a laser eye surgery. Before i do that, i want to know how long after the laser eye surgery that i can see things clearly.
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    Well, generally speaking, it will just be several days after the surgery, you can see clearly. So you do not need worry about it. And in common, it will take about 3 months to recover. And in the recover period, there are many tips which you should pay more attention to. For example, heavy exercises should be avoided. Do not watch tv and computer in a long time. And you should not go to swim in the first week after the surgery. By the way, having a good rest is also important.
  • Makayla raphael


    Laser surgery is a surgery using laser to cut bad tissue in eyes and help correct vision. Since the first operational laser was produced in 1960, laser has been widely used in various types and for various applications. So far the technology is very popular and many people adapt this kind of surgeries to help solve their eye problems. Healing time of this kind surgery is depending on the surgery you take and the care you take to your eyes. Some doctor claimed that your vision will be improved within hours after this surgery. Yet actually your vision might be blurred and unstable for a few days after this surgery. You could restore 75%-80% of your vision the next day after surgery. The period of healing time might be from a few days to up to 3 weeks. But you have to note that even after you feel much better of your eyes, you still need to protect them, for example wearing sunglasses if any bright sunshine for at least 12 months. Meanwhile you should know that the effect of laser surgery is not permanent. You might get myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism again. And after this surgery, if you experience any pain, decrease in vision, pus or thick discharges from eyes, I suggest you to contact your doctor immediately for help.
  • Collin Wallace


    You will need to wait for about a week of basic recovery and then see things clearly. During the time after you get the laser surgery, you should take care of the eyes carefully. You should not smoke or drink which may stimulate your eye nerves. You should eat more food with vitamin A and C and have the good rest for the eyes.

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