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What are the black spots in center of my vision?

I've had this problem for several weeks. If it's a moderately bright day and when I look at the sky or clouds, there are somewhat transparent black blobs rushing towards the center of my vision. But it disappears when I look at something darker. Do I need some treatment?
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  • colddaz


    The black spots you see in your eyes are called floaters, which is a age-related condition. However, it won't affect your viison in most cases. And it will become less noticeable over time. So you don't have to worry about it. If it affects your daily activities and you need a surgery to remove them, you should talk to your doctor about this.
  • Sonya


    There may be something wrong with your retina. You'd better go to have your retina checked by a doctor so that the doctor can detect the problem as early as possible and treat it in time.