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What can be done if I am allergic to contact lenses?

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  • sam


    I would suggest you go to the hospital to check the allergen first. There is nothing you can do if you don’t figure out the reason. It’s possible that there is a cure. We should have more faith in the science, lol.
  • Steward


    Contact lenses may make things worse when allergies or infection are irritating your eyes. You can try if the eye drops would work. If no, you’d better visit your ophthalmologist for a better solution.
  • Jeannie


    Probably you should not wear contact lens. Why not try frame glasses? They are more convenient and much better for the eyes. I've tried contact lens once, they made me very uncomfortable and my eyes got red. So I threw them away without hesitation and I swear I will never gonna try them again.
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