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What are the early signs of cataracts?

My mother often have Cloudy vision recently and she wondered it was cataract. Is there any sign that one can tell he is having cataract in the early stage?
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  • James


    If you have the following symptom, you are possibly having cataract: 1. Cloudy vision 2. Lens discoloration. 3. Myopic shift 4. Poor night vision 5. Glare and halos 6. Double vision 7. Vision changes.
  • Nat


    Cataracts are usually very small at the beginning and gradually grow larger over time. Early signs of cataracts include blurry vision and night halos and glare. In people with refractive visual errors, cataracts always cause a rapid prescription change because the lens is deteriorating. Only when daily lives are disrupted, cataracts require external removal. In some cases, tiny small cataracts in infants or youngsters do not draw serious concern.

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