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Sharron Green


Would cat eye glasses work with thick lenses?

I like cat eye glasses. But i have high myopia, will cat eye glasses work for thick glasses lenses?
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  • Hebbe


    Actually, it is not a sensible choice if you choose cat eye glasses to match your thick lenses, particularly for those with high myopia, just like you. To help disguise a very thick eyeglass lens, it is strongly recommended you try on thicker frames, which means keeping the lenses as small and light as possible as otherwise the weight makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, the particular design of the cat eye glasses cannot meet this demand. By the way, according to things mentioned above, hi-index lenses which are much thinner must be the good choice. However, they might be helpful yet the lenses will be pretty large.
  • Kimberly quick


    Since the special design of cat eyeglasses frames, they are not recommend to people have high myopia. So, if you have a very high myopia, you'd better not choose cat eye glasses frames. Anyway, you shall consult an optician who knows better whether it is available or not.
  • Thomas keith


    Maybe it seems to be narrow for very thick lenses, especially the lenses are the progressive or bifocal type. If you think your vision is not that much high, you may have a try and ask the sales if your vision is OK for cat eye glasses. It is suggested that thicker frames should be used for a very thick eyeglass lens to support the weight of the lenses, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable. You may take a consideration of hi-index lenses, which are much thinner and more comfortable, but also more expensive.
  • etherealfreak


    No, you should know that cat glasses would not work with thick lenses. Choosing the right type of frames for thick eyeglass lenses is important to make sure that your eyeglasses will stand the test of time. Frames must provide ample support to the lens, in addition to fitting the wearer's needs, lifestyle and personal style. Generally speaking, larger, wider frames would require a bigger cut of the lenses, thus leading to heavier lenses. Very narrow frame shapes such as cat's eye lenses may be too narrow for very thick lenses. So you'd better go and see your eye doctor, he will give you good advices.
  • helan


    Possibly they can. they are thick framed, and would mask the thickness well. However, the frame may be made well, and may be able to withstand the weight.