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How much are polycarbonate lenses at walmart?

I want to buy polycarbonate lenses for my new prescription glasses, does anyone know the prices of polycarbonate lenses at walmart?
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  • Sig


    Owned with better material, the polycarbonate lenses at walmart charge higher than those plastic lenses, about $ 120 a pair. However, the prescription eyeglasses made with polycarbonate lenses will look more thin than the plastic lenses eyeglasses because of the special materials. If you have high prescription, you’d better choose the polycarbonate 1.67 lenses. Or else, the lenses will look too thick. About the quality of polycarbonate, they are strong and durable which could be worn for a long time. Whatever from the aspect of quality or the design, it is worthy to buy for the eyeglasses.
  • Katelyn smith


    The polycarbonate lenses at walmart is around $ 45 a pair at average. However, if you want to buy the high quality of such lenses, you may need to pay a little higher. All this is depended on your favor and needs. You can go to their online store to have a look.

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