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Christopher dale


listerine spray in eyes, what should i do?

It is really painful that i get some spray in my eyes. What should i do right now? Any idea?
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  • Cassy


    Well, as far as I know, Listerine is one of the most renowned mouthwashes in the market, and it is made up of chemical compounds and is highly irrigative to your eyes. If not properly dealt with, the consequences resulted from this could be very serious. My suggestion for you is to flush your eyes with plenty of clean water and get some eye drops to help if necessary. Hope you recover in no time.
  • Yaron Cheng


    Close your eyes for a while until you shed a great quantity of tears, and then open your eyes and blink them gently several times, and you will feel better. Or you can wash your eyes with clean water or physiological saline. Close your eyes gently and then immerse your face in the water, and blink your eyes several times. Do not rub your eyes with your hand. Relax yourself, do something you like, then it can divert your attention and relieve your pain, and you will not feel the discomfort afterwards.