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Elijah leslie


Does eucalyptus oil work for dark circles?

I was troubled by dark circles for about 2years. Now, i heard that eucalyptus oil can help the dark circles. Is this true? How can i get rid of dark circles by eucalyptus oil ?
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  • clive


    Your dark circles around the eyes may be related with your bad life habit. You may often work late until midnight which will easily cause the dark circles around the eyes. The eucalyptus oil will help you with the dark circles because of the speeding up the blood circulation around the eyes. You'd better have good rest and good life habit which will be so important for the treatment for the dark circles around the eyes.
  • Cassidy bell


    No one confronted with dark circles. Dark circles is ugly and noticeable but hard to be removed. So ways to reduce them are founded. Traditional ways to reduce them are applying cucumber or raw potatoes, drink some honey water and eating too much fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, tea tree oil and lemon oil are used to get rid of them. Now new solution comes into being-eucalyptus oil .You massage them under eyes gently for 9 minutes every night and then go to bed. A week later, fresh eyes are rebuilt.

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