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What is the problem for burning and itching eyes?

My left eye has been burning and itching for two days and it get more painful under the sun. Did I get eye infection or just allergies?
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  • walkingalone_


    These following are the causes of burning and itching eyes. 1. Allergies, including seasonal allergies or hay fever 2. Bacterial infections 3. Chemical irritants (such as chlorine in a swimming pool or makeup) 4. Conjunctivitis or pink eye 5. Dry eyes 6. Irritants in the air (cigarette smoke or smog) You'd better have your eyes examined and make a definite diagnosis of your symptoms. Source:
  • walfor


    Burning eyes and itching eyes may be caused by eye allergies or eye infection. Such as sunburn, dust, and chemical irritants will cause burning eyes and itching eyes. Or you may have some eye problems. You'd better go to your doctor to have your eyes checked and the doctor will find out the exact reason that cause the burning and itching eyes.
  • ihwdkss

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