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Paige evelyn


Can i get pink eye by looking at someone with a pink eye?

I know that pink eyes are contagious. So, Can i get pink eye by looking at someone with a pink eye? Why or why not?
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    Yes, pink eyes can be contagious. However, you do not need to worry about it, if you just do it as you have said, it can be concluded that you will not be infected. The medical definition of pink eyes is acute catarrhal conjunctivitis, it spreads mainly by contact. Some people think that if you have a look at the eyes of those patients, you will suffer it. It can be said, there is no scientific basis.
  • Joseph bell


    It is a misunderstanding that people will get pink eyes with by looking at someone that already has it. Undoubtedly, pink eyes are highly contagious as it is originally caused by bacterial infection and bacteria travels easily. Thus, people shall pay extreme attention to get rid of possible source of infection when there are pink eyes around. Since staring is not a way to get pink eyes, there are many unexpected way for the disease to travel. Anytime if you touch the eye secretion of a pink-eye patient and rub your own eyes with you hand, you may get the disease. Even shaking hands with people who have the disease may be a passage of bacteria. Thus, wash your hands often. Do not rub your eyes after using public stuffs. For healthy people, eye-drop of appropriate volume is helpful to prevent being infected.

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