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I have a broke arm on my Eyeglasses,How can I repair them without buying new frames?

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    Dude, they can't be fixed. My friend just broke his glasses last week. He uses superglue to put them together while they broke again a few days later. He bought a pair of new glasses yesterday. They look great. So I think you may need to buy a pair of new glasses too.
  • leigh sehr


    You can have a look at There are some answers for your question. Some people said that we must glue the broke glasses from inside as well as from the outside. Mmm personally speaking, it is a little hard to handle with. But you can have a try if you are good at making the handwork.
  • edward


    Are you bought your glasses from Firmoo? How long have you used them? I heard that if you received a pair of broken eyeglasses from Firmoo. She will send you a pair of new glasses for free. If you have worn them for a few days or a few weeks, she will send you a pair of new glasses or make a compensation according to which kind of material your glasses are. Don't hesitate! You deserve that. But if you broke your glasses by accident, you can't get compensation.