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Can you go tanning after lasik eye surgery?

I just took a lasik eye surgery three days ago. Can i go tanning now? Is it bad to my eyes?
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  • Kimberly quick


    After the lasik eye surgery, you would better cut down the time of eyes using such as watching TV, computer or book. And pay attention to the eyes hygiene to avoid the dirty dust get into your eyes, or dirty water into eyes when you washing face or head. The stimulated food and wine would be keeping away from you. Some eyes drops are useful for you. As for the tanning, you would go for it. However, the sunglasses are necessary to wear to protect your eyes from strong rays burning. The tanning period should less than one hour per time. Why you so hurry to go out? Let your eyes ease is the best way for your surgery recovery.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, generally speaking, you are not supposed to have tanning after you have the eye surgery. And after the eye surgery, your eyes are more sensitive than normal. First, you should know that there will have many eye problems by enjoying tanning bed. For example, because of the uv rays omitted by tanning bed, it will affect eyes. It can damage your eyes, leading to eye cancer, which is a potential consequence of excessive UV ray exposure. So after the eye surgery, your eyes can be likely to suffer inflammation of the cornea, cataracts. And that will just slow down the recovery speed. So you should not do that.
  • Jordan


    No, you could not go tanning now because you need the good protection for your eyes after the lasik eye surgery. If you go tanning, it will be bad for your eyes and affect the recovery of your eyes. You should not use the eyes too much and not let the eyes in the sunshine. You need to close the eyes and have the good rest more. Then your eyes vision will get recovery soon.

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