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Is bilberry good for glaucoma ?

I heard that billberry is good for glaucoma. Is that true? How?
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  • baker


    Well, yes, it is beneficial for glaucoma. First, you should know that bilberry is one of the most frequently suggested herbal remedies, and it possesses of various potential health benefits. Because of it, it can accumulate in retinal pigment epithelial cells with age and in some retinal disorders. Also, it can mediate a detergent-like perturbation of cell membranes and light-induced damage to the cell. So according to some experts, it can be used to treat patients with glaucoma, for bilberry can do a help to glaucoma. so you can just have a try.
  • Luis lewis


    Bilberry is used to treat a series of illnesses, such as scurvy, urinary tract infections and digestive problems. And it has the magic worth of protecting and enhancing eye vision. The research shows that bilberries and their extract can also improve daytime and nighttime vision, as well as prevent or help particular eye conditions. The main symptom of glaucoma is visual deterioration,so in this case,bilberry can be helpful to a certain degree.
  • eatmyhartout


    Yes, it is true that billberry will be good for glaucoma because of the containing vitamin C. As we know, the vitamin C will moisture the eyes and make the eyes look bright. People with glaucoma may have the unstable eye pressure. Thus, they should keep the good mood which is the most important thing. They should also have the good rest every day.

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