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What are good home remedy for light sensitive eyes?

My eyes are always sensitive to light. Do you know any good home remedy for the light sensitive eyes?
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  • Connor scott


    Some people may have the character of sensitive to light. You could open the window of your house and then try to make your head protruding. Then you could try to look at the far scenery outside. Then you will find that your eyes become adaptive to the lights outside. You could also eat more food with vitamin to make your eye vision improve a lot.
  • Noah james


    Ok, it seems that your eyes have got something wrong. Anyway, if your eyes are sensitive to light, then perhaps you have got photophobia, which is quite commonly seen around us, which would give us a lot of trouble and suffering. Anyway, once got it, you should try to avoid staring at intensively light things, since photophobia is resulted from some eye infections, or allergies, thus,you have to treat those infections or allergic sources. Just try to change your diet and get more vitamin pills. Better yet, go to see a doctor.
  • handsomemansclu


    As a matter of fact, sensitive to light is also named photophobia in medicine. It really troublesome sometimes. So how to heal it becomes more and more important. Correcting your bad reading habits is the first thing to help sensitivity to light. Avoiding watching and reading under too strong or too weak light. You’d better wear sunglasses all the time when you are outside. Well, vitamins are all good for eye problems, so take supplements from fresh fruits and vegetables, such as oranges, apples and spinach. Photophobia can causes many other eye problems, for instance, red eyes and dry eyes. Then take some basic eye drops along with you to prevent other eye problems. However, if these ways still cannot improve your condition, then visit a doctor is your wisdom choice and receive a thorough eye exam.