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Alexa murphy


Is it possible for a 18-year-old person to get lasik surgery?

My son is 18 with –9 in the right eye and a –9.5 in left eye. I want him to get a lasik surgery,but the doctor told us to wait until 21.I wonder that he may get worse then and can't have the surgery .
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  • misty C.


    You should listen to the doctor's suggestion, cuz the cornea of your child has not developed completely, once the lasik surgery is done, it is possible that the cornea of your child will also grow and this is harmful for his corea and vision. Until now, there isn't any evidence show that the lasik surgery is superior to eyeglasses or contact lenses for kids. Wear eyeglasses and protect eyes in the proper way, can prevent his eyes getting worse.
  • Johnny W.


    Usually lasik surgery cannot be done untill the eye condition is stable and won't change any more. However, in the USA, it has been approved that people who are 18 years old can have lasik surgery. In some other countries, lasik surgery is available for people who are 18-20. You'd better go to your doctor to have an eye check and see whether you are qualified for lasik surgery.
  • Christian george


    The doctor is right.If your son's vision is not stable,it is not suggested to have lasik surgery,otherwise his vision will still keep changing after the surgery.