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Is a blood clot in the eye dangerous?

I noticed a blood clot in my eyes. Is it dangerous? Should i take some medicine to reduce it?
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  • Susan Wright


    Blood clot happens very often. When we get bleeding, our body would create blood clot to stop bleeding more. When the blood clot stops blood flow in a vein or artery, it is dangerous to our health. Yet blood clot in eyes, I guess, is just like subconjunctival hemorrhage, which looks weird and terrible, yet so far it is not dangerous to your life. The conjunctiva is a piece of thin, transparent and fragile membrane covering the white of eyes. It is the protective coating of eyeball. It contains very fine vessels and nerves. Usually the vessels are invisible. Yet when the conjunctiva is inflamed or infected or injured, the vessels are visible. Vessels are very fine and fragile, easy to get broken, resulting in subconjuctival hemorrhage, which means bleeding under conjunctiva. The blood will congeal under conjunctiva which appears bright or dark red. Normally no other treatment is needed. If it is caused by inflammation or infection, take medicines or eye drops prescribed by doctor might help to speed up the recovery. Don't worry too much. It usually clear out within two weeks. If it didn't, you should go to doctor for help.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    Well, yes, a blood clot in the eyes can be dangerous. First, a blood spot in the eye appears as a single, concentrated spot of red or many scattered red patches on the white of the eyes. And when it occurs, you may suffer eye pain too. Of course, other symptoms, such as blurry vision, even red eyes can occur. In that way, it can be dangerous to your eyes, for it may lead to more serious problems. For your situation, you can just put a hot compress over the eyelid to get relief from irritation. Or just console it with the doctor, and he can give some advices.
  • Cathy Dailey


    Well, you should know that blood clot is resulted from a couple of reasons, and I could not figure out what led to your blood clot anyway. So, sometimes a blood clot is generated by eye surgeries, sometimes is caused by physical hurt. But, whatever the causes, you must try to visit a doctor before things get worse, and follow the doctor's directions and take treatment.