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What are depression effects on eyes?

Can depression mood cause some eye problems? How?
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  • Mariah


    Well, generally speaking, when you have depressed mood, it can have some influence on your eyes. For example, when you are depressed and sad, your eye color will turn to light blue and light grey. Also, depression can certainly cause blurred vision. And then, other symptoms, including dizziness, feelings of detachment, hot flashes, chills, and trembling, numbness, and tingling, dry mouth, puffy eyes can occur too. So it can be bad for you. So you need to control your emotion. And letting yourself have a good time is very important, or it will be dangerous to your body, not only to your eyes.
  • Kachun


    Sounds like sometimes you are not in good mood. So, sometimes I would have the same problem with you, such as , right now. Anyway, if you are constantly depressed, you will experience a decrease in your spirit and health condition, which could indirectly have some negative impacts on your eyes, such as blurred vision, stars in front of your eyes, etc. Anyway, life is worth smiling for, there are nothing deserve our grief.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    It is hard to tell whether depression could cause eye problems or not. Because according to some resources, symptoms of depression mood varies from person to person. Age, gender and culture are might cause different feeling and experience that depression people might go through. For depression patient, there are some common symptoms as following: 1. Hopelessness; 2. Very easy to get angry, sad, anxiety; 3. Can't be concentrating on anything. If the situation is very serious, the worst possibility is committing suicide. No research shows that there is any direct link between depression and eye problem. Yet I still suggest the patient to see a doctor and get proper treatment

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