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How to choose safty glasses for children?

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  • walker8016


    When shopping for safety glasses and protective eyewear, let your child choose the style he or she prefers (as long as it provides the eye protection they need).Swim goggles can protect children's eyes from irritating chlorine and water-borne microorganisms. Swim goggles with polycarbonate lenses protect your child's eyes from pool chemicals, water-borne microorganisms and the sun's UV rays. You can even get them with prescription lenses.Seek the advice of a professional optician to make sure the eyewear fits well and provides the amount of protection needed for the sports and activities your child participates in.
  • William edward


    To choose safty glasses for your children. The most important thing is that you need to choose safty eyewear according their likes. Different safty eyewear serves as different purpose, for example, the eyewear for basketball is different from the eyewear for swimmer. So firstly, you need to make sure what kind of safty eyewear your child choose.
  • Melanie smith


    As to the safty glasses for children, the safty glasses should be impact-resistant and safe. So you can find safety glasses for children made of industrial strength glass and impact resistant plastic. They do meet current eye protection standards. But nothing beats polycarbonate. It's the safest and most impact-resistant lens material. And yes, it's been used for astronaut helmet shields and space shuttle window shields. It's that strong.Besides lenses, you also can find frames of high-impact plastic or polycarb. Protective designs are available in goggles, wraps and shields-look for rubber padding to cushion the face even more. If you don't wear prescription lenses, you can find protective eyewear at your VSP doctor's office or at a sporting goods store.