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Logan quick


What are natural remedies for saggy eyelids?

I know an eyelift surgery would work for my sagging eye lids. but what are some natural remedies to improve eye lids?
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  • csky4


    Saggy eyelids also called droopy eyelids make you look tired and older than other people. If your droopy eyelids are caused by lack of sleep and eye fatigue, then plenty of sleep, adequate hydration, and avoidance of salt can help you relieve from this condition. You can also try some other home remedies to help treat your saggy eyelids. Apply fresh slices of cucumber on your droopy eyelids and leave them for 15-20 minutes, which might be useful to treat your saggy eyelids.
  • Anna


    To remedy for saggy eyelids naturally, you shall care healthy natural diet that is the best way to remedy your sagging eyelids. For example, you can take more food with rich vitamins E, A, antioxidants and low in sugars is important. And you still drink more water do that to keep skin hydrated. And you can you try to take more fresh juices of vegetables and fruits and use olive oil for cooking food to slow down the process of sagging.

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