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How to prevent infection after lasik eye surgery?

Eye infection is quite a troublesome thing after lasik surgery. What can I do to prevent it?
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  • Kelly eddy


    It is get infection after lasik eye surgery, so, you shall take care of your eyes. In details, you can use antibiotics & antibiotic drops after the surgery and take baths instead of showers for weeks after surgery. Besides, you shall also avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, swimming for two weeks after LASIK surgery. What's more, you are also suggested not to make-up your eyes for one week after LASIK.
  • Melanie gerard


    There are some more ways to prevent the infection. Use the meditations your doctor prescribe for you. Because these combined antibiotics eye drops can help to prevent the infection and control inflammation. In the first 3 months after your lasik surgery, you may usually be recommended to use the artificial tears eye drops frequently to reduce the irritation. In order to prevent accidently rubbing or poking your eyes while sleeping, you had better wear a protective eye shield over your eyes for the first three nights after the surgery. To help your cornea heal and protect your eyes from the exposure to the bright sun-light, wind and sand, it is good to wear a pair of sunglasses when you are out. Then have several days off from work, make sure to get enough rest after the lasik. The last tip: it is important to keep up all the post-LASIK appointments to check the healing process of your eyes.

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