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Luis lewis


Are there any eye excercises that can reduce droopy eyelids?

I noticed I have droopy eyelids which makes me look older than I am. I don't want to get surgery. Are there any eye excercises that can reduce droopy eyelids?
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  • Ariana


    Droopy eyelids are often caused by weaken eye muscles that are used to surpport the eyelids. Some people would choose surgery to treat their droopy eyelids to make them achieve the cosmetic effect. However, there are some eye exercises that can help strengthen the eye muscles to reduce droopy eyelids. You can try one of the effective ways to help exercise the eye muscles. Sit in a chair and then close your eyes. Try to relax yourself. Then try to look down and then up as far as possible with your eyes closed. Repeat doing this several times.
  • classiccarguy89


    I know there is a simple eye excercises called Eye Squeeze. In details, Close your eyes tightly while counting to three. Then, open your eyes quickly and wide as possible for another count of three. While at the same time , looking quickly from side to side. And repeat the exercise 10 times. The orbicularis oculi muscle surrounds the entire eye area. Doing this eye excercise, it can help you improve the appearance of the upper and lower lids.