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Is using a laptop bad for your eyes?

I often use my laptop to do my work and see movies. Is it very bad for my eyes.
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  • Riley eddy


    We should say almost any electronic products have radiation. Just the good using way will affect much. If you keep your self use computer no more than two hours each day, it almost do no harm. But if you work on the computer from dawn to sundow each day, of cousre everybody knows it will hurt eyes a lot. So keep yourself aware and remind that you should rest as much as you can after a long computer time. Wish this can help you.
  • Eric


    Yeah, using too much time of eyes in front of laptop is bad for your eyes. The screen is so bright that may stimulate your cornea directly. You should have a rest for the eyes after forty minutes of using eyes in front of laptop. Or else, you may get short sighted.
  • Christina nelson


    Yep, it could cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) if you overuse it. The laptop is designed for people to have more flexibility and convenience to use computers. Unlike desktop, it could take anywhere if you want easily. However, it could cause your eyes easier fatigue due to the distance between you and the computer is not stable. And you would keep using laptop in a longer period because it has the possibility for you to bring in any occasion. Even it could cause eye problems as well, like nearsightedness. Furthermore, it could damage your eye vision because the strong and bright UV lights that you could not see physically.